Vaughn Millette, New York Entrepreneur

Vaughn Millette

Vaughn Millette, an experienced investor, brings to bear his entrepreneurial skills to innovate in the live entertainment market. He established two New York-based companies dedicated to this marketplace, Jobu Presents and Vaughn M LLC. The former business, which Vaughn Millette oversees as CEO, is developing a transparent, live music business model that seeks to redistribute a greater share of revenues to the artists that participate in its tours. The latter firm serves as a vehicle for his personal live entertainment investments.

To train for this career, Vaughn Millette enrolled at Providence College, where he earned a bachelor of science in marketing. After graduating, he secured practical finance experience as wealth manager with Morgan Stanley in New York. While there, he worked to grow the assets of his high net worth clients. He would go on to serve in wealth management capacities with Citigroup Smith Barney and UBS Financial Services.

For rest and relaxation, Mr. Millette enjoys pursuing outdoor sports such as fishing.